About Me

I have been a teacher and a Leader of Learning for Psychology, Sociology and Health & Social Care in Leiccestershire Schools for the past 10 years.  I have taught the AQA (A) Curriculum 2000 specification, AQA (A) legacy specification and now the new AQA linear A level in Psychology. In Sociology I have taught AQA legacy specification, AQA Curriculum 2000 specification, OCR GCSE and new AQA GCSE. In Health and Social Care I have taught the Understanding Human behaviour exam unit for OCR. I have been head of Psychology and head of Social Science, I have also been the able gifted and talented coordinator at the school. Now, returning from my second maternity leave I am back in the classroom!

  • I have a 2.1(hons) degree in Psychology from University of Leicester (2006)
  • I trained as a teacher gaining a PGCE(M) (14-19 Social Science) from University of Leicester (2008)
  • I have 10 years experience teaching the AQA (A) specification gaining good outcomes with some of my students reaching the A* every year.
  • I have been an examiner for over 7 years

What is the blog all about

I feel very passionately about the teaching of Psychology, the impact that technology can have on teaching but also the potential dangers of students just “googling” answers, terms, studies and so called ‘model answers’. Some websites are incredibly useful for students wanting extra notes, to explore topics further or to find a different way of explaining things which might help them. Others are good but confusing because they are for a different or old specification, a different exam board or no particular spec at all. Other websites are just dangerous, written by non specialists with no actual knowledge.

So my intention is to populate this site with content and resources specifically tailored to the new 2015 AQA Linear Psychology specification using my experience as teacher, Head of Faculty, AGT coordinator and examiner. I will link to other sites and resources which are appropriate for this specification. In addition provide some super-curricular ideas.