Making Grassheads & Logbook

After posting about my grasshead trial at home, there are a few people interested in the mechanic of how it works.

First of all my students make their grassheads in Lesson One with me (see SOW). My students sit in groups of 4 (see differentiated seating plans) and on each table they make 4 grassheads. Two of which have to be made of soil and two of which have to be made of sawdust. In theory this is one grasshead each, and in previous years this is how I have worked it. However, we find a lot of movement of students in and out in the first couple of weeks so there are students with no grasshead, and grassheads without owners. This way hopefully all grassheads continue to get some love and attention! Each table is given a different pack of decorations which are colour coded for a later lesson on sampling.

There is a prize for the winning (ave. longest blade of grass) table at the end of the experiment. However throughout the experiment the students use a logbook to apply the concepts we learn in each lesson to the grasshead experiment.

To Make a Grasshead

  1. Get some tights (I find using XL value tights you can get 8 grassheads a pair).
  2. Tie a knot in one end (unless you got a toe).
  3. Turn inside out so the knot is on the inside.
  4. Place 2tsp of grass seed in first.
  5. Fill to fist sized with chosen substrate.
  6. Tie a knot leaving a “tail” to dangle in the water.
  7. Decorate (best with non water soluble glue)

Grasshead Booklet Front Page.JPG

For a copy of the logbook please click the image above for a pdf. It needs to be printed back to back, booklet. If you would like the original publisher file please contact @psychopepper on twitter.


  1. This is such a brilliant idea. Research methods can be so dry for students and this is a fabulous way to engage them on such crucial learning for them to be successful in psychology.

    1. Thanks! It was developed from a colleague in Melton. We have found that we need to teach research methods first and in isolation to make sure they really get it and can use it to evaluate in other areas of the specification. However we needed a way to engage them so that their first experiences of Psychology are good, but grounded in the reality of the more scientific elements.

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