Preparing to ‘Flip’

So the new term approaches and I figure now is a good time to document the preparations for ‘flipping’ my classroom before the onslaught of start of term gets into full swing.

I have used Blooms Taxonomy for my learning objectives since I began teaching in 2007-08 so I thought this was a comfortable place to start.  I decided that any parts of my lessons that were in essence core Knowledge or Understanding would be the aspects I wanted students to learn independently at home.  This would allow my lesson time to focus on the other skills or analysis, application, evaluation and creativity.  If I am honest I have probably paid little more than lip service to these in the past, running out of time to really get stuck into them,  I decided to place a page in a booklet for students explain what flipped learning is (largely taken from the internet) and to explain the impact for them.


I have taken all of my old resources from the last academic year and sifted through which bits were pure information giving putting them into booklet of flipped learning tasks.  This at present is mainly reading and making notes.  I plan to then do a 5minute introduction video to each section and there will be a short multiple choice quiz too.

Lastly, for now, here are a couple of videos I plan to show at the start of term to explain what Flipped Learning is.

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