PSY3 – Aggression: Lesson 01

Social Learning Theory

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Learning Objectives

  • To KNOW and UNDERSTAND what Social Learning Theory is.
  • To APPLY this idea to explain human aggression.
  • To EVALUATE this theory in terms of its supporting evidence and critical commentary.
  • To CREATE an essay grid on the Social Psychological Explanations of Aggression.

Task One:

We looked at your ideas for what aggression actually is and the key components of the definition. We then recapped our knowledge on Social Learning Theory from last year.

Definitions Covered:

Aggression” is a set of behaviours between members of the same species that is intended to cause pain or harm. It can be physical, mental or verbal and is one of the most disturbing forms of human behaviour.

Task Two:

We used the booklet to go through the core AO1 ideas of how we learn aggression vicariously and watched the clip Children See, Children Do.

We then recapped our understanding of the bobo doll experiment using Khan Academy Video

Task Three:

We started work on the essay for this area by reducing the text to key information and planning the start of our essay.

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