PSY3: Aggression SOW 2016-17

PSY3 Aggression SOW Front Cover.jpg

Click on the image above to find a PDF of the AQA A Level Psy3 Aggression Scheme of Work planned for Mrs Pepper’s classes 2016-17.

In year 13 we have histoically had more specialist teaching, with experienced teachers taking responsibility for particular topics or sections of the course.   Therefore parity of experience across the groups was achieved more naturally and pacing was easier to track with a set number of lessons per 24 mark essay.

This means the Scheme of Work is more vague and whilst it covers the same ideas of lesson timing, content to be delivered and the outcomes of the lesson in terms of booklet pages completed and the homework to set it is less detailed at the moment.  This makes this more a work in progress.

Please let me know below what you think? Have you chosen Aggression or have you picked one of the other ‘anti social’ topic areas?  Do you follow the specification order, this order or something different? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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