PSY3 – Schizophrenia: Booklet 2017-18

Please click the image above for a link to the PDF copy of the Schizophrenia booklet used. The content of this has been adapted and changed over many years but draws strongly from content in both The Complete Companion series written by Mike Cardwell and Cara Flanagan, affectionately known as the catbook and dogbook alongside the new student books AQA Psychology for A Level, affectionately known as green hair girl and pink hair girl.

Over the years I have drawn inspiration from many sources and incredible colleagues both at the schools I have worked in and through training and collaboration. Any likeness in any resource or lesson design is intended as sharing good practice rather than plagiarism but feel free to request credit/removal of a resource by contacting @psychopepper.


  1. Hello,
    My name is shumile , I am a year 13 student studying psychology , I have a slight problem that my teacher is not willing to provide me with any resources or any questions that I can practice, I understand that there are past papers online but the fact that my teacher has exampro and can sort out questions per topic which will not take long, she is avoiding that and not wanting to help at all and I have also shown her that there are no resources for psychology and she keeps mentioning that I should just focus on essays whereas that is not efficient as those 1-6 makers help differentiate students between an A and A* .As you know exampro is a brilliant resource which helps to save time and organise work efficiently and a level is all about time management and efficiency. My other biology and chemistry teachers have provided me with the majority of the questions from exampro to practice and they have noticed my understanding and my grade has been improved, as i went from a D to an A and A*. Would it be possible if you could help me out by providing questions sorted out by topic for psychology or provide me access to exampro temporarily, I understand teachers assume that students want to cheat however I am not wanting to cheat as I know that exampro does not have the latest papers accessible however I know that merit does and if I had asked for merit, it would have been a different story, all I am wanting is questions which I can attempt so I can reinforce my knowledge and feel more confident. When I tried to explain this to my teacher she was not willing to listen and after that, I have felt demoralised and have also felt discrimination within the class, so as a humble request would you please help me.
    thank you
    would it be possible to have acsess to the locked paper booklets

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