PSY2: Research Methods SOW 2016-17

PSY2 Research Methods SOW Front Cover.jpg

Click on the image above to find a PDF of the AQA A Level Psy2 Research Methods Scheme of Work planned for Mrs Pepper’s classes 2016-17.

We have histoically had large numbers of students with 6 classes at AS and 4-5 classes at A2.  This has meant planning across multiple teachers teaching the same content.  We found it was essential to make sure that there was both parity of experience across the groups so that students whose friends were in another group could compare nores and see the same studies/content but also allow individuals teachers freedom to teach how they pleased and felt most comfortable.  We have also had NQTs and PGCE students for a long time who need the structure of what to teach and pacing.

Therefore I developed the Scheme of Work which was very rigid in terms of lesson timing, content to be delivered and even prescribed the studies/definitions to be used and the outcomes of the lesson in terms of book let pages completed, homework tasks to set. However the lesson activities have always been meant to be suggestions.

Please let me know below what you think? Do you reach research methods as a stand alone topic or integrate into the topics? Do you start with it or leave it for a bit? Do you find different order of content work better?  Would love to hear your thoughts!

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