Revising Aggression

Revising of any topic in PSY3 is crucial as I find students will often neglect it.  They have false confidence that they know it because it is relatively recent in their memories.  However as we know from spaced repetition this will have had the least opportunities to have it revisited, tested and feedback provided.  The added complexity of aggression is the large volume of material and the heavily reliance on research evidence and supporting studies.  This is often compounded by the more immediate threat of PSY1/2 and so students wish to focus on their first exams, and then run out of time to revise for the last paper.

When revising Aggression in class I have structured lessons as follows:

  • 25-30minute “Knowledge Blast” so a quick up front brainstorm on roughly 4 topic areas, focusing on likely command words, lengths of questions, key concepts and areas to revise plus common ‘trip hazards’.
  • 20minute “Timed Questions” (roughly 16 marks plus reading a stem) these questions cover the topics just revised. This normally contains extension questions for those who can answer quicker to guage what they can do in the time.
  • 10-15minute “Self Assessment” going through the mark schemes, giving a total score for the questions, RAG rating the topic areas covered on PLC and asking any questions.

Below is the PowerPoint I have used to revise this with Year13s this year.

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In addition to the revision and timed practise in lessons I strongly encourage students to download and attempt as many questions as possible. I discuss that methods is largely like your driving theory test, if you attempt enough practise questions eventually you start to recognise them, the mark schemes and the trip hazards. My booklets are designed to be used in the following stages:

  • Section One “By Topic” is designed to be used either after teaching a topic area so students can attempt multiple questions on the same area  of content to embed question styles and mark schemes. Or similarly after revising the particular topic area.
  • Step Two “By Paper” is designed to be used in the weeks leading up to the exam to check both understanding, using the right information for each question, and timing. I recommend these are done with two colours of pen. First pass in one colour, no notes and in time, second pass in another colour with notes. Shows what is known Vs what is understood.
  • Step three “Mark Schemes” allows students to familiarise themselves with what gets marks, what costs marks, wording of ‘bands’ and suggested content.

Below is the Past Paper Booklet used to revise this way with Year13s this year.

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Other resources you might find will help:

Happy Revising!!

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