Super-Curricular: BPS Research Digest

A good (and very easy) thing to follow for supercurricular ideas is the British Psychological Society.  This will give you plenty of ideas for careers, research and university choices.  They have made it super easy to do.

When looking at these though its a good idea to keep some sort of refection  journal.  What did you thing about what you read?  What questions did it throw up?  Where would you take the research next?  By the time your write your personal statement, you might have forgotten these so writing it down will help make your personal statement less descriptive (“I did…”) and more analytical (“and I thought…”) which the top universities are looking for.

An example:

What: TED Eleanor Longden: The Voices in my Head

When: 03 September 2017

What I did: We were advised to watch online ourselves ahead of starting the Schizophrenia unit.

What I thought: I thought it was interesting that she thought Schizophrenia was a positive thing and that the voices were a good thing.  I has assumed it was always negative.

What I could do next: I would like to find out more about the “hearing voices” movement she discusses and maybe see if other people report things in a positive way.

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